// Learn Kusto - Week 3

Kusto/ADX Azure Data Explorer 4 min.

featured image Learn Kusto - Week 3 Hello - and welcme back to this series of posts around Kusto and learning the language. In this post I’ll guide you through the methods of doing joins and what to be aware of when designing your queries using joins. In Kusto the join method is a bit more complex than compared to T-SQL. But don’t worry - with this guide you’ll know how to use the features. Join types As with other data query languages, we can do joins to join two or more tables together for a selection of data across those tables. [...]

// Learn Kusto - Week 2

Kusto/ADX Azure Data Explorer 4 min.

featured image Learn Kusto - Week 2 Last week I tried to lay the foundation to understand the engine that supports and drives the Kusto language and the Azure Data Explorer. We learned that the engine is using Shards as a primary storage method and how the engine handles the queries and executes them. This week we’ll start at the beginning of the Kusto language and do some basic data discovery. The setup and demo data For you to be able to follow along, you have to set up your own Kusto demo environment. [...]

// Learn Kusto - Week 1

Kusto/ADX Azure Data Explorer 2 min.

featured image Learn Kusto - Week 1 Hello, and welcome to the first issue of Learn Kusto. In this serie of blogpost I’ll guide you from zero to hero on using the Kusto query language and in the same time you’ll learn how to implement and use the methods to do live reporting on timeseries data. In this first edition I’ll start with the engine and the setup from Microsofts implementation with Azure Data Explorer and the Kusto query engine. [...]