// Certificate Errors in Synapse Serverless SQL

Synapse Security 2 min.

featured image Certificate Errors in Synapse Serverless SQL I’ve stumbled upon an error a few weeks ago when working with a client and trying to read some Parquet files from a new Blob container from the build-in Storage account in an existing Synapse Workspace. If you’ve only worked with CSV untill now, you should also try out the Parquet files - they know how to perform fast when done right - but that’s possibily another blogpost. The database has been setup months ago to read data from “old” Blob containers and things was working out pretty nice. [...]

// Row Level Security in SQL Server 2016

SQL Server Security 4 min.

featured image Row Level Security in SQL Server 2016 With the release of SQL Server 2016 comes many great new features. One of these is the implementation of row level security in the database engine. This blogpost will cover the aspects of this new feature – including: Setup Best practice Performance Possible security leaks Introduction The row level security feature was released earlier this year to Azure – following Microsoft’s cloud-first release concept. A past big issue with the SQL Server engine was that in only understands tables and columns. [...]