// Kusto in Fabric, with Magic

Kusto/ADX Speaking 2 min.

featured image Kusto in Fabric, with Magic With the release of Microsoft Fabric, we also got the ability to use the Kusto engine in the platform. Not only can we now use our Kusto database and all the great stuff from the KQL language - we can also store KQL querysets and use those on our reporting platform. The new magic All of the above abilities are great additions to the Fabric service. But whats even more exciting is the new magic in Jupyter Notebooks. [...]

// I’m speaking at SQL Saturday Copenhagen and Edinburgh

Datacorner Speaking 1 min.

featured image I’m speaking at SQL Saturday Copenhagen and Edinburgh With a little push from some of my colleagues, I have submitted a speaksersession to SQL Saturday in Copenhagen and Edinburgh. To my big surprise both sessions (with the same subject) was chosen as a part of the sessions to be held. I’m very excited and thrilled that these possibilities was given to me. The SQL Saturday in Copenhagen is going to be my virgin session, where I’ll speak about a dynamic approach to partition kubes – bassed on the multidimensional model. [...]