// Enlarge AdventureWorksDW2012

SQL Server t-sql 0 min.

featured image Enlarge AdventureWorksDW2012 I could use the AdventureWorks2012 database, but I needed the clean datawarehouse tables in order to have minimum data maintennance when testing the BIML scripts. I could not find it, and figures out it was faster to make my own. So heavily inspired by this post from Jonathan Kehayias (blog), I’ve made a script that can be used to enlarge the dbo.FactInternetSales table. The script creates a new table called dbo. [...]

// Second Shot Is Back

Datacorner certification 0 min.

featured image Second Shot Is Back This just got in: Second shot is back! You can now retake your exam for free, until jan 12 2016. Yay! Go get ’em… More info here [...]

// SSIS Expressions I Often Use

SQL Server SSIS 2 min.

featured image SSIS Expressions I Often Use If either you are doing your SSIS by hand or using the BIML framework, you’ve came across the expressions and the expression-builder. This is a helper list, with my most often used, and wich are allways forgotten when I need them, of my commonly used SSIS expressions. Strings Filename from fully qualified pathstring RIGHT([FilePath],FINDSTRING(REVERSE([FilePath]),”\”,1) – 1) Folderpath from fully qualified pathstring SUBSTRING([FilePath], 1, LEN([FilePath]) – FINDSTRING(REVERSE([FilePath] ), “\” ,1 ) + 1) Foldername from fully qualified pathstring TOKEN[FilePath],”\”,TOKENCOUNT([FilePath],”\”) – 1) This is only for SSIS2012 and onwards. [...]

// Fully automate the BIML expansion

SQL Server BIML 1 min.

featured image Fully automate the BIML expansion With the MIST application from Varigence – this is possible through the command line util that ships with the installation. When the installation of MIST has finished, you’ll find a new .exe-file in the installation folder called bimlc.exe. This file is the core engine of the command line util. According to the online documentation found here – the command line util is pretty straight forward. The observant reader will notice that the link points to a documentation for hadron. [...]

// Referencing the same custom script task in SSIS with BIML

SQL Server BIML 1 min.

featured image Referencing the same custom script task in SSIS with BIML On one of my most recent projects we had a custom script task that we needed to implement in the same package several times. The code of the custom script is in its own biml-file in the project and referenced from the main biml-file. We kept getting a mysterious error when executing the package in debug mode from Visual Studio. (No warning upon building the packages). After alot of debugging and hair pulling hours, we finally got our arms around the bug. [...]

// Install SQL Server in 5 mins

SQL Server Installation 2 min.

featured image Install SQL Server in 5 mins

Install SQL Server in 5 mins

You know this everybody – you need to install a whole new SQL Server on the customers Windows Server.
And the customer doesn’t have the time or money to wait for you to click around the GUI and sit around and watch the progress-bar move every second.

So why not do this in a fully automatic way and in the same time save both effort and expensive time doing so?


// Power Query – October 2014 update

Power BI M (power query) 0 min.

featured image Power Query – October 2014 update The Power Query tool has just been updated and there are some pretty neat features rolled out: New Transfomation: Use Headers as First Row. Column Name field in Merge Columns dialog. Quick Access Toolbar in Query Editor dialog. Warning for stale data previews in new queries. Function Invocation from Search. Preserve Excel Number formats in the worksheet on query refresh. Along side this update – there is also an updated Salesforce connector for Power Query which you need to install after installing the above update. [...]

// Split delimited string into rows

SQL Server t-sql 1 min.

featured image Split delimited string into rows On several occasions I’ve been assigned the task to split a delimited string into rows. I’ve done this in different ways, but never thought about the performance or stability of the different approaches for doing this. So here’s my 25 cents and findings. My first solution to this was to code a function to traverse through the string and insert a new value to a temp table for every delimiter found in the string: [...]

// I’m speaking at SQL Saturday Copenhagen and Edinburgh

Datacorner Speaking 1 min.

featured image I’m speaking at SQL Saturday Copenhagen and Edinburgh With a little push from some of my colleagues, I have submitted a speaksersession to SQL Saturday in Copenhagen and Edinburgh. To my big surprise both sessions (with the same subject) was chosen as a part of the sessions to be held. I’m very excited and thrilled that these possibilities was given to me. The SQL Saturday in Copenhagen is going to be my virgin session, where I’ll speak about a dynamic approach to partition kubes – bassed on the multidimensional model. [...]

// Multidimensional ROLAP partitions and updatable columnstore indexes – the new black?

SQL Server Performance 3 min.

featured image Multidimensional ROLAP partitions and updatable columnstore indexes – the new black? I came across a colleague of mine, who asked me if the new updatable columnstore index and ROLAP partitions in a Multidimensional cube is the new trend of fast and no-latency Business Intelligence. Well – here is my 25 cents. I’ll start with the updatable columnstore indexes. With SQL Server 2014 Microsoft introduces updatable columnstore indexes. Which in short terms defines that the columnstore no longer has to be dropped/disabled when loading data to the table. [...]