Datacorner certification 1 min.

// Finally - MCSE Business Intelligence

MCSE I got it! The title of MCSE Business Intelligence.

My, for now, last test was 70-467 – Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

I can now call myself MSCE.

The last two tests:

They were not that hard compared to the first 3 to become MSCA. There is, for now, no training kit to help you on your way. The only way is to know the ‘skills measured’, find your gaps and fill them with knowledge and practise.

The last test today brought case studies. 3 of them to be exact.

A case study is a set of ‘documents’ explaining the background for a given scenario – incl. technical-, business-requrements, some architecture and a datamodel/server-infrastructure. It is followed by a set of 5-8 questions – for which you can only give the right answer if you know the background in the given scenario.

I learned it the hard way not to read the whole text for every CS – but first read the questions and find the phrases in the text afterwords.

So today is a happy day – I’m done with the certification for Business Intelligence for now.