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// Learn Synapse Data Explorer

Learn Synapse Data Explorer

Do you want to learn Synapse Data Explorer and do you want to read only one book about it? Then you should read the book by Pericles (Peri) Rocha (Li) - Learn Synapse Data Explorer.

The writer

Peri Rocha is a Senior Product Manager for Azure Synapse Analytics from Microsoft. He shows a great knowledge in the book around Synapse Data Explorer and the way of working with KQL in the services.

With a good match of text, downloadable demos and easy to understand illustrations, Peri Rocha makes it an easy read.

The content

You’ll find a packed book with a huge amount of new stuff and learning. The book’s content:

  1. Introduction to Azure Synapse Data Explorer
  2. Creating your first data explorer pool
  3. Exploring Azure Synapse Studio
  4. Real-World Usage Scenarios
  5. Ingesting Data into Data Explorer Pools
  6. Data Analysis and Exploration with KQL and Python
  7. Data Visualization with Power BI
  8. Building Machine Learning Experiments
  9. Exporting Data from Data Explorer Pools
  10. System Monitoring and Diagnostics
  11. Tuning and Resource Management
  12. Securing Your Environment
  13. Advanced Data Management

The book covers the entire environment around Synapse Data Explorer - from a brief introduction to the application and an overview of the approach to the platform; through the internals of the engine; to a very geeky deepdive into the KQL commands and the advanced data management.

I’ve read all around 300 pages - and I found it to be a great source for learning and is also usable as a book to have to look up specific topics around Synapse Data Explorer.

Why read the book

You need to read the book because:

  1. You want to learn Synapse Data Explorer
  2. You are working with data in a Kusto cluster and are looking for the next step for yourself
  3. You already have basic knowledge of the sphere of data, SQL and VMs
  4. You want a book to read once and then have as a lookup tool when you need it

Where to get the book

The book is released by Packt and can be found on Amazon right here: https://packt.link/Df057.

Happy reading ☕