// Fabric Constraints for the Lazy Coder

featured image Fabric Constraints for the Lazy Coder When working with data and building data models, I personally seldom use the constraints feature on a database. Call me lazy - but I think constraints are adding unnessesary complexity when building data models for reporting. Especially if you are working with the some of new platforms - like Microsoft Fabric, where you are using staleless compute, aka. data storage is seperated from the compute layer. I understand the need for contraints on other database systems like OLTP systems. [...]

// Event Hub to Eventstream

featured image Event Hub to Eventstream The Fabric servive Eventstream can read data from an Event Hub service to help collect data from IoT devices and other streaming services. But how do you configure the Event Hub and Eventstream to work together? I’ll try to help with that in this blogpost. Start and configure the Event Hub First of all we need an Event Hub in Azure. The process is quite easy. Choose to create a new service and search for the Event Hub service. [...]