Training and speaks

Foredrag og undervisnng

Here is the list. I conduct training and speaks about almost anything around the SQL Server. I’ve made a list with suggestions, these can be modified to fit your specific needs.

If you need specialized training or a custom speak, please feel free to contact me.


Power BI ninja
Execution plans
SQL Deep dive

Learn and be inspired by the best ways to build your datamodels. No matter if you need your datamodels for reporting or as a foundation for applications/programmes, with this training you'll learn the "why"'s to the things you might already do, but know know why it works. Are you all new to the data modelling world, this training is also for you.

The training is a mix of both theory and practical exercises. Some of the exercises will put your brain and way of thinking to the max, but do not fear them - they are designed to give you valuable insights and knowledge to use on your next project or assignment.

Power BI ninja

Reporting and the use of data as visuals, is the easiest way to use and gain knowledge of the given data. As a Power BI Ninja, you'll get a lot of usable tools and tips from the real world.

This training is styled to those who are quite new to the world of Power BI and who needs a good foundation and baseline to work upon.

The class is equally theory and practical exercises.

Execution plans

Your SQL Server uses Execution Plans to work with the data and deliver it to the end user.

In this training we'll make a deep dive to the darkest areas of the SQL Server and open up the engine compartment. We look into the different elements of an Execution Plan and break down its structure. We also discuss good and bad Execution Plans.

If you want to learn how to tune the performance of your SQL server and needs a baseline to understand the mechanisms that can help you, then this is the trainng for you.

SQL Deep dive

At the SQL deep dive training, we go down to the smallest elements of the SQL server and take a look at the pile of system elements it consists of.

We open up and look at all the helpful functions and procedures, that can bring insights to what is going on under the hood.

If you want to be better at understanding how the SQL server works and how it computes, saves and calculates the data, then this is the training for you.


Overall subjects for speaking could be:

  • The 7 pitfalls of IT projects – any IT project demands courage and stronghold in order to succeed. Here I’ll cover some of the aspects of how NOT to do it. You’ll get a good understanding of how to start your next IT project and have a better change of succes.
  • Confessions from a consultant – is the job as a consultant always very hard work and always short in time and ressources? Are we demanded to wear a shirt and tie? Get answers to these and more questions and listen to some anecdotes from the life as an IT consultant.
  • The new Excel-hell – we all know it. Excel is simle and easy to use. But suddenly it becomes shorthand and the limitations are reached. Then you try to fix it with even more Excel files and you end up with a huge pile of Excel files that the organization cannot oversee. Power BI to the rescue – but is it much better?
  • The moders Data Warehouse – time is running faster, faster that it has ever done in the world of IT and computing. But how do I get my Data Warehouse to keep ud and stay updated?
  • Cloud computing – do we all end in the cloud someday? What about our fridge and wood burning stove? Will they also be connected to the cloud and have artificial intelligence added to it? In this lecture I’ll talk about this and much more when I guide you through the world of cloud computing