I just got 15.000 new colleagues


Guess what. I just got 15.000 new colleagues.

Rehfeld Partners is to be acquired by IMS Health. IMS Health is a leading global information and technology services company, with more than 60 years experience, providing clients in the healthcare industry with comprehensive solutions to measure and improve their performance.

Rehfeld has long history – back in 1998 it started with the current directors Ditlev Moltke {linkedin} and Claus Rehfeld {linkedin}. From the start Rehfeld has focused on business intelligence. The foundation started in the healthcare part of Denmark and has expanded ever since to be the biggest Business Intelligence consulting company in Denmark.

Now a new era is about begin. Ditlev and Claus is handing over the company to IMS Health, including all staff.

Am I scared you might ask? A bit, but positively – absolutely. It is a big step for a company like Rehfeld to be part of the globally biggest information and technology company. We are adding our professionalism and know-how about business intelligence, knowledge of the Nordic customers and a strong technologic staff to IMS Health and IMS Health is adding international experience, good contacts with the life science indutry and even more technology.

Rehfeld and the staff is going to do excactly the same job in the future. Nothing has changed there. We are going to get new processes and new way of doing the work, but the work and projects are the same. Still the best in class on delivering business intelligence to the Denmark in order to make Denmark a more effective society.

I’m so looking forward to the next page of my work-life. It is going to be thrilling, fast and good.